Governor Paterson Discusses His Reelection Plans


After reading Geoffrey Gray's profile of Governor Paterson in New York this week, you probably just wanted more of the lovable guv. And now it's official: You just might get it. Paterson gave an interview yesterday with the Huffington Post in which he confirmed what we already basically knew — that he's running for reelection in 2010.

"I'd like to run for reelection and serve as governor as a full term, have an actual transition period and a real inauguration," he said. "I see this as an immense challenge, and one that most people think is insurmountable with the number of people leaving New York state. And if in any way it would have been viewed that I did something to ameliorate the problems … and brought people back, I would think that would be a satisfaction that I carried with me for the rest of my life."

The governor enjoys a 64 percent approval rating, so he's in a good spot at the moment. Do you think we could get him reelected in a vote of hugs?

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