Guy Wildenstein Trades Up

It's bad enough that some other people in New York
get to have stairs in their apartments. But twisty
ones? We're gonna hurl.
Photo: CityFile

Over the weekend we learned that art-world mogul Guy Wildenstein had backed out of a marquee apartment in the newly renovated Plaza Hotel. Now we learn that he’s purchased one of the most spectacular, storied private residences in New York City. Wildenstein had put down $49.2 million on five separate apartments in the Plaza, which he is now putting back on the market. Now he’s plunked down $32.5 million on 7 Sutton Square, paying $7.5 million more than the asking price.

What does he get for all that money? Well, parking spaces on a private cobblestoned Upper East Side street, for one. But also 9,250 square feet of space, roof garden, gym, sauna, five bedrooms, and a spectacular view of the Queensboro Bridge (it looks nice at night, people). He also gets a bit of history: It and the rest of the remaining brownstones on Riverview Terrace were built in 1879, matching a set built down on Sutton Place. The townhouse is actually two homes that the previous owner, William Reilly, combined in 1998. He paid a total of $5.1 million for both properties, plus a couple million in renovations. (Nice flip, dude. That goes on our list!). Cityfile has pictures of the butt-puckering interiors and views.

We know the art bubble is basically the last one that hasn’t burst yet, but sometimes reminders like this are just too much to take.

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Guy Wildenstein Trades Up