Has Gentrification Led to Decrease in Ghoulishness of Clinton Hill?


Last year the Clinton Hill Blog posted a photo of a local “haunted” (read: decrepit and/or abandoned) house every day in October, but this year they’ll do only one a week. “It took me days of work last year to find 31 creepy houses, upload the photos and photoshop them, and draft up the posts with locations and witty comments,” writes blog proprietor Robin Lester. “This year, I do not have the time.” Aww. Is a plunge in the haunted-housing stock yet another metric of gentrification? And from the hood that once had New York’s quintessential, Dave Chappelle–endorsed haunted house? Sad. Where is the gnarled old lady who snatches and tortures children supposed to live now? Starrett City? That’s not very creepy. [Clinton Hill Blog]