How Much Did Those Two Years of ‘Radar’ Cost?

Photo: Getty Images

More than you’d think! Or more than we thought, anyway. Back in 2006, when he started the third iteration of the magazine, Radar editor Maer Roshan told a nervous journalist he was wooing that investors Yusef Jackson and Ron Burkle had put $14 million dollars into Radar’s coffers, to start, and that by contractual agreement there would be more to come. “More than enough,” he told the potential staffer, “to take us through 2009.” On top of that, last year, The Wall Street Journal reported that the magazine received a $10 million investment from AT&T. AT&T confirmed the investment but not the figure — but assuming it’s correct, that would mean that two years of celebrity-midget stories cost a total of $24 million. Even with inflation, that should have, by Roshan’s math, taken them to at least 2010.