In Jail, Jeffrey Epstein Has Discovered a Taste for Sausages

Crafty. Photo: Patrick McMullan

Before he was arrested for soliciting sex from minors, Jeffrey Epstein applied his brilliant mind to finance, where he made a fortune as a Bear Stearns trader and for a host of private clients. Now in jail, he is apparently using said genius to play a hilarious joke on the world. Today, the Smoking Gun presents us with the receipts of things the billionaire massage enthusiast has purchased at the Palm Beach prison commissary during his stay. It includes “teriyaki meat sticks,” “Pop-Tarts,” and “Lil’ Chub” sausages.

We know what you are thinking: These are just the names of snacks, they aren’t pervy-sounding at all and, wow, Intel has a filthy mind. But know this: The list also includes “moon pies, cheddar cheese squeezers, Lubriderm, hand lotion, and petroleum jelly.”

So, yeah. Who’s the pervert now?

Okay, maybe it’s still us.

Jeffrey Epstein’s Lil’ Chub [Smoking Gun]