Is McCain Trying to Make Rashid Khalidi Into an October Surprise?

Khalidi.Photo: AP

If so, he’s running out of time. Hallowe’en is tomorrow! (Yessss. We’re already pre-distressing our fishnets.) Still, McCain has lately been making a fuss over a video from an Obama fund-raiser earlier this year, in which the Democratic presidential candidate praises and appears alongside Columbia University professor Rashid Khalidi. Khalidi teaches classes on Arab Studies and has been accused of being a former spokesman for the PLO, a charge he denies. McCain has compared Khalidi’s pro-Palestine views to “neo-Nazism,” and has attacked the Los Angeles Times for bias because they withheld the video. (The Times said it did so per their agreement with a source, and published a detail account of what was on the video.)

Meanwhile, McCain himself chaired a board that has given a Khalidi-supported group nearly $500,000. Which, by Sarah Palin’s definition, is nearly “palling around” levels. Scott Horton in Harper’s has a story explaining all this. What do you guys think? Does this Khalidi story line resonate with you? Do you think it will with voters? Or is it just the last hurled fragments of the kitchen sink?

McCain faults paper for not releasing Khalidi tape [AP]