Ivanka Trump: the New Face of Tacky?


We know Ivanka Trump was raised by two of the tackiest people in the history of America. But in a lot of ways, she seemed to have transcended that: She is smart enough and has a fancy boyfriend and as far as we know has never been photographed in white leather or at a NASCAR event. And so we were a little surprised this morning to find that the Trumpstress was working with terrifying-sounding company ConAgra to promote a line of decidedly lowbrow microwave meals, described thusly by the Times:

The meals are called Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers, available in varieties like Szechwan Beef and Southwestern Chicken, and they can be stored in a desk for up to a year with no refrigeration required.

What? Ew. Emphasis ours, because insert "It's people" joke here. Why would Ivanka promote something that hopelessly disgusting? She went to Wharton! Shouldn't she be worried about sullying the brand? But perhaps not. At the risk of sounding like total East Coast media snobs — wait, ha! That's our job — we're going to go out on a limb to say most of the brands Ivanka has shilled for have fallen on the wrong side of tacky.

For instance:

Jewelry line (as seen on Home Shopping Network)
Zone Diets
Quattro, a restaurant in Miami
Fox Business Network
Bruce Ratner
Celebrity Apprentice
Trump SoHo
Trump Casinos
Donald Trump

Gross, right? It's like the list itself smells of tanning oil and the stale air of a mall. She could tip it back with a few smart choices, but if we see her in the next few months straddling a sloppy joe in a Manwich ad, it's over.

Office Workers, Ivanka Trump Is Thinking of You [NYT]