Kelly Killoren Bensimon Is Busy Catching Up With Other ‘Real Housewives’

Marbury, in his totally unimportant role as a professional basketball player. Photo: Getty Images

New Bravo star Kelly Killoren Bensimon goes through the five phases of Real Housewives stardom in one Observer Transom interview this morning. It’s kind of amazing to read:

Step 1: Recognition that she is not, technically, a “housewife.” Nobody on the Real Housewives of New York City is actually a “housewife.” They all work, and star Bethenny Frankel isn’t even married. “I own a house,” Bensimon observes. “But I’m not a wife.”

Step 2: Protestation that she is not, technically, a “socialite.” “I am not a socialite. I don’t want people calling me a socialite because I’m not,” Bensimon said. “A socialite is someone that goes to parties. I go to parties, but because I’m covering them for Page Six, or I went before because I was the accessories editor of Elle. I’m not really a socialite.” (Dude, Kelly, anyone on Plum TV, even if they work there, is a socialite.)

Step 3: Insistence that she is on the show to promote her “business” and not to become a trashy reality star. “I have a lot of different businesses and things that I’m working on and I thought it would be fun to explore,” she said. (Killoren was interviewed during an event promoting her new jewelry line.)

Step 4: Assurance that she’s friends with all of the other Real Housewives. “LuAnn and I get along because we’re both similar in a lot of ways. We have kind of similar backgrounds,” Bensimon said. “I like Ramona a lot — I’m really impressed by her and the way that she works. Jill, I like her enthusiasm and Alex, she’s a lovely mom. I like that Bethenny is hardworking. Each one has their own thing and that’s what New York is. It’s a melting pot, not just one type.”

Step 5: Subtle indication that she is not, in fact, friends with all of the other Real Housewives. Of course, none of the other ladies showed up at Kelly’s party.

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