Knicks Front Office Tempts Gods by Cutting a Ewing

Obama nailing it down in Pennsylvania today.Photo: Getty Images

The NBA season has yet to begin (tip-off is tomorrow night), but the Knicks have already made a fatal error sure to doom the season’s quest for dominance success respectability mediocrity. With one too many players on their roster, Knicks management inexplicably chose to cut the living, breathing progeny of the last great Knick from the last great Knick era. We are, of course, referring to Patrick Ewing Jr., the less talented but similarly named son of the Knicks’ all-time leader in points, rebounds, blocks, steals, and sweating. And the guy they kept on for his so-called “shooting ability”? Anthony Roberson, whose last name isn’t even Ewing. Since we all know the last man on the roster will only play in the final minutes of lopsided losses anyway (or lopsided wins, hypothetically), we should have at least kept the guy who could win back the good graces of those long-dormant Knick gods who last smiled upon the Garden about eight years ago. Or, at the very least, tricked them into thinking we brought the real Patrick Ewing back.

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