Laid-Off Bankers Turn to Drugs

Lisa Airan: dermatologist, socialite, employment counselor. Photo: Patrick McMullan

One Upper East Side business is booming in these tough economic times, according to socialite dermatologist Lisa Airan: Botox and other noninvasive cosmetic procedures. “We’re actually busier,” she said at the Key to the Cure launch party at Saks Fifth Avenue last week. “People feel like they have to find a job, or they want to feel good about themselves, so they want to look as good as they can.” Airan reports an uptick in visits from her usual clients, plus an influx of newly laid-off finance types. “It’s an investment in their future,” she said. The first batch of investors have already seen returns: “When things first started happening with Bear Stearns, months ago, some of those people came in,” she said. “And they did find jobs!”