Nastia Liukin on Her Gossip Girl Cameo

Photo: Getty Images

We were so excited to run into Nastia Liukin (again) on the red carpet last night at the Us Weekly Young Hot Hollywood Party, because she had just happened to have filmed her cameo on Gossip Girl yesterday! She said she couldn’t give us very many details, except that she was in a scene with Leighton and Ed. Yeah, because they’re all on a first-name basis. “[It was] so much fun. I did it this morning and I got to meet Leighton and Ed, and they were the nicest people ever,” she said, smiling. “I mean, you never know how celebrities will be, so we talked the whole time and got some pictures so it was so fun.” OMG — she was in a scene with only Blair and Chuck?? If you don’t know what that means, we’ll give you a hint: It starts with a bet and it ends with “I’m Chuck Bass.”