Neel Kashkari Got Ahead Because of Sexy Baldness?

Barack Obama has had it up to here with his own weird names! Photo: Getty Images

Greatest Depression pinup boy Neel Kashkari, the ex-Goldman banker in charge of the country’s $700 billion bailout, was hired at Goldman because he brought something special to the firm: “‘Academically, Kashkari was not outstanding,’ said a person familiar with the matter, but he appealed to Goldman’s recruiters because, as a former engineer, he was different than the usual aspiring investment banker. Kashkari’s head — shaved bald even then — also differentiated him from the reigning Goldman aesthetic.…’Everyone at Goldman has a full head of hair and went to prep school and Dartmouth and played lacrosse. That’s not Neel,’ said an investment banker who knew him.” Oh, okay. At least it wasn’t because he was Indian or something. [WSJ]