Neither Rain Nor Hail Nor Sleet Nor Snow Shall Keep This Candidate From Appointed Talk-Show Appearance

Are they taking Bart Bass's helicopter? Photo: Getty Images

After waiting on the tarmac for an hour in Philadelphia today, stuck inside Straight Talk Air, John McCain called in a helicopter to take him to New York City less than an hour ago. He was on an important mission! One that caused him to require even more speed than when he suspended his campaign to save the economy. He had to make his appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman!

If McCain had missed it, the talk-show host would have clearly excoriated him even more than he did last month after the candidate stood the show up for his economy stunt. (If you don’t recall, McCain famously said he had to ditch the appearance to fly down to Washington, but he didn’t leave until the next day, and he appeared on the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric — taped at the same time as Letterman — instead.)

We may be at an unprecedented moment in politics: One of two contenders for the presidency is terrified of what a comedian might say about him on late-night television. McCain must think the numbers are almost as bad as everyone is saying. We’d be scared to face Letterman on camera after pissing him off so badly, but pissing him off even more would probably be worse. Also, it should be pointed out that Paris Hilton was once shredded by the comic, and she was brave enough to come back for more. And she’s one of McCain’s fake opponents! He can’t get shown up by a celebrity.

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