Newspapers Skeptical on Paterson Aide’s ‘I Was Too Sad to Pay Taxes’ Line

Reverend WrightPhoto: Getty Images

Over the weekend, the Post reported that the governor’s chief of staff (and former JFK-marrying Jesuit priest), Charles O’Byrne, was using a history of depression to explain years of failure to pay his taxes. Then the paper uncovered thousands in donations that he made to other political causes, indicating that he wasn’t too crazy to sign checks. Now the Times has looked into the matter, and learned that Paterson knew about the tax problem, but had no idea (and still doesn’t) when he stopped paying. Now that O’Byrne is paying $200,000 in back taxes and fees, we’ve all learned a lesson — depression can hurt your family and friends, but in the end, it doesn’t hurt the IRS. [NYP]