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early and often

Obama Kicks Pro-McCain Newspapers Off Campaign Plane

Okay, we just think this picture is hot.

Drudge is going nuts over his latest scoop — that the Obama campaign has moved reporters from the New York Post, Washington Times, and Dallas Morning News off their plane in exchange for network news reporters and a documentary crew. The Website correctly notes that the three papers all endorsed McCain and have been extremely critical of Obama over the past year. Obama's staff probably figured that they weren't going to get any positive coverage from the papers in the last four days of the campaign, anyway. The best part of Drudge's report is his incredulity that writers from Essence and Jet might be invited onboard the plane. You can almost imagine his fedora leaping off his head and spinning in the air like a villain in a Tin Tin cartoon. He's so confident that he finally gets to be a black candidate? Zut Alors!


Photo: Getty Images