Oh Dear: Sarah Palin in Her Miss Alaska Evening-Gown Competition


Does it ever seem to you that we are more interested in Sarah Palin as a human than we are in any of the other candidates for president or vice-president? Critics used to moan that they "didn't know" her when she was tapped for the McCain ticket, but now it seems to us that we might know a little too much about her. Today the New Republic uncovered some notes she scribbled on the back of official papers back in the days when she was a Wasilla city councilmember dreaming of becoming mayor. And also, yesterday, YouTube gave us another gem from her pageant days: the evening-gown segment from the 1984 Miss Alaska competition. It's not quite the swimsuit entry or the talent competition, but it's still revealing (in the back, mostly). She gives a brief speech during the video, which is hard to hear. According to the Huffington Post, she proclaims:

God has made us this promise: If we will commit our works to Him, we will succeed. Our lives can be enhanced by applying this, and by thinking optimistically. In Alaska we have mosquitoes. We also have the most beautiful mountains in the world. The choice is ours as to which we'll focus on.

In a week when she is focusing all of her energy on going negative against rival Barack Obama, it's telling to look back on a time when young Sarah Palin was focused not only on what was best for herself, but also what was best for the public around her. (It also says something very poignant about sequins, but that pretty much speaks for itself.)

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