One Reason Why the Third Debate Won’t Suck

Photo: Getty/AP

For those who watch the presidential debates hoping not so much for more tired discussions on the fate of our economy, but for FIREWORKS, tomorrow’s final installment at Hofstra University should be a treat. We know, we know. Every debate so far has been preceded by expectations that John McCain would deliver some kind of game-changing moment to catapult him back into contention as time ticks off the clock. But this time, McCain and Barack Obama are heightening the suspense themselves. After Obama and Biden both practically taunted McCain for not having the balls to bring up former domestic terrorist William Ayers in person at the town-hall debate, McCain told a St. Louis radio station today that “he’s probably ensured that it will come up this time.” Ooohh snap. It’s on now.

One has to wonder, though, whether McCain is walking right into a trap. After all, the Obama campaign had to know that mocking McCain’s guts would almost certainly result in the honor-obsessed veteran accepting the Ayers challenge. What kind of mind-blowing comeback Obama may have in store, we don’t know, but then again, maybe he doesn’t need one. If those annoying dial read-outs from undecided voters watching the debates have taught us anything, it’s that candidates lose when they go negative, and nothing screams negativity like accusing the potential future president of befriending terrorists.