Penn Badgley’s Celebrity Crush Is Parker Posey??


This month, Seventeen magazine interviewed Penn Badgley, better known as Dan from the Greatest Show of Our Time. In their piece, we learn that Penn's celebrity crush is Parker Posey. What? Setting aside the fact that his real-life girlfriend, Blake Lively, is also a celebrity, um, duh, Parker Posey would totally be on Team Blair! Anyway, we also learn that Penn loves Mean Girls and Friends. Hmmm, he sounds so un-tortured. This doesn't sound like Dan Humphrey at all! But wait, in the print edition of Seventeen, we get this gem:

What advice do you wish someone had given you growing up?

I wish I had known that vulnerability is universal for everyone, regardless of how cool or not cool they are. You have such a heightened awareness of yourself, so even small things seem life-changing — a bad day turns into, 'Oh my gosh, my life is over.' If I were still a teen, I would want to hear: 'It's okay. Take a deep breath and move on.'

Just right! (Emphasis theirs.) Now don't anybody go acting all surprised that we give such close reading to the print and online versions of a magazine like Seventeen. Would you expect any less of us?

Penn Badgley Answers 17 Juicy Questions! [Seventeen]