Philadelphia ‘Daily News’ Sends Cease-and-Desist Letter to Daily Beast


As you can see here, and as we pointed out on Monday, the logo for Tina Brown's new Web venture, the Daily Beast, is strikingly similar to that of the Philadelphia Daily News. And apparently we aren't the only ones to think so. The parent company of the News sent a letter to Brown on Tuesday regarding the issue. From Dan Gross's column in today's issue of the paper:

The legal letter demands the news site stop using its potentially trademark-infringing logo, which is "virtually identical in shape, color, font and style to our own Daily News logo." The letter adds that "our readers could easily be duped into thinking that your Web site is somehow affiliated" with the Daily News.

A Beast spokesperson apparently had no comment over the similarity, but with all the media people advising Brown on the development of the site, this must be something that they'd noticed before. Perhaps they thought the Daily News would simply find the similarity complimentary? Apparently not. The title of Gross's column today is: "Flattered by Imitation, but…"

Flattered by Imitation, but… [Philadelphia Daily News]
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