Post-Divorce Shocker: Peter Cook Blames Failed Marriage on Brinkley


This Friday, ABC will air Barbara Walters's 20/20 interview with Peter Cook, in which he tries to clear a bit of his reputation. Cook is currently known as the guy who cheated on Christie Brinkley with a teenage employee and got pilloried for masturbating in front of a Web cam. Well, after Friday, he'll be known as just another celebrity who cries in front of Baba Wawa, which probably won't change anything. Still, in the previews to this interview, we learn a little bit from Cook about why he thinks his marriage to Brinkley fell apart:

"I think the emotional aspect of our lives had changed. I think we were both feeling more like we were living with a brother and sister than a life partner. … I think I just suddenly realized when I was getting attention from someone else that this is something that is missing in my life … I wanted a little acknowledgement, a little attention, a little thank you every now and then for my efforts, for the amount of time I took to care for her and my family, for the wealth I was building. Just the tremendous amount of work I was putting into my family. … My world became her world. It had to be that way. … There came a time when I pulled up [to] the driveway to the home that I found, that I built, that I lived in, and I felt like I was a guest in someone else's life."

We suppose we shouldn't be surprised that Cook so easily turns the blame on Brinkley. But by the same token, how could he have been surprised that his marriage to one of the world's most famous models didn't turn out to be all about him?

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