Queens Couple ‘Overwhelmed’ by Horde of Poodles

"Please God don't let her give me one of those stupid haircuts."Photo: AP

Yesterday the ASPCA made the most amazing discovery! They came upon an elderly Queens couple who were living with 33 miniature poodles. Thirty-three. They had taken over the whole house, and there were oodles of poodles everywhere. Like in some kind of children’s book or something: The poodles were clustered on the stairs and in the chairs, under the bed and in the sled, on the rug and in the tub. Of course, they were also scratching their dirty matted fur and crapping on the floors, and were sort of snarly and unsocialized because the owners couldn’t manage to take care of them. So. It’s like one of those dark children’s stories. Except there is a happy ending! Because now they have been rescued and are being taken care of. You can maybe even adopt one after this nice ASPCA worker is done shaving their nether regions.

33 Poodles Rescued From Queens Home [NYP] (With amazing photo gallery of the puppies in all of their splendor.)