Rupert Murdoch Objects to Parts of Biography That Make Him Seem Likable, Nuanced

Who me? Photo: Getty Images

Rupert Murdoch is taking issue with what he calls “extremely damaging misstatements of fact” in Michael Wolff’s upcoming biography, The Man Who Owns the News, which he sneaked an advance copy of. He’s particularly worried about the parts that make him seem interesting and nuanced, like the parts which “suggest that Mr. Murdoch is at times embarrassed by Fox News, which he owns, and its chief executive, Roger Ailes,” according to the Times, and bits like this from October’s Vanity Fair. “For a long time, he was in love with the Fox chief, Roger Ailes, because he was even more Murdoch than Murdoch … and yet now the embarrassment can’t be missed — he mumbles even more than usual when called on to justify it; he barely pretends to hide the way he feels about Bill O’Reilly.” Well. We can’t say we blame Rupes for being concerned. Clearly he is worried about how Ailes will take to this mention of said hidden “feelings” for O’Reilly. Remember how pissed Minnie Driver was when Matt Damon dumped her on Oprah? Roger Ailes is a lot meaner than she is.

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