Sarah Palin Plays the Flute

Harry Wallace.Photo: Poospatuck Smoke Shop

Yesterday we wrote about a Craigslist ad a filmmaker had placed looking for a Sarah Palin double for an upcoming porno. Today, the Daily News’ Rush & Molloy reported that the would-be producer of Sarah Bare-a-Cooter is none other than Larry Flynt of Hustler fame. At first we were a little surprised that such a well-known auteur would cast off Craigslist — then again, we realized, it’s porn. And anyway, what really surprised us about the item is that the News, taking a cue from Us Weekly, inserted a link into the middle of the story to a video of the actual Sarah Palin. In which the vice-presidential candidate is playing the flute. C’mon, guys, that’s just in bad taste.

Larry Flynt is Hustling up an Ala-skin flick with Sarah Palin look-alike [NYDN]