Sarah Palin Wants to Spoof Tina Fey on ‘SNL’

Photo: Getty Images

After three weeks of Tina Fey’s fantastic ratings on Saturday Night Live, Sarah Palin has reportedly decided to cash in. Apparently there’s been brainstorming on the idea that the Alaska governor could appear on NBC (as early as Thursday, when the comedy show will debut a mid-week “Weekend Update” segment during prime time, or two weekends from now during the next live broadcast) making fun of Fey herself. The idea, apparently, is to spoof the 30 Rock writer’s American Express ads. We can’t wait to see whether this will happen — like many candidates before her, Hillary Clinton made a good-natured appearance earlier this year to deflate Amy Poehler’s characterization of her, but it sort of seemed like that was because Poehler liked Clinton. McCain is a friend of SNL, but it seems to us that the show’s writers hate Sarah Palin. Thoughts? [Chicago Sun-Times]