Sarah Palin’s Supreme Court Answers Not As Gafftastic As Predicted


Over the past couple of days, rumors have been buzzing around the Internet that Katie Couric, in her final aired interview with Sarah Palin, asked whether the Alaska governor could name one Supreme Court ruling other than Roe v. Wade. Rumor had it that Palin couldn’t. Last night CBS aired the final segment of Couric’s dialogue with Palin, and it turned out that the anchor asked whether Palin could name any rulings that Palin “disagreed” with. Palin, in fact, couldn’t seem to think of one, but it’s not like she couldn’t remember the names of famous or recent rulings like Brown v. Board of Education, Miranda v. Arizona, or Lawrence v. Texas (though she probably did disagree with the last one).

(Biden, it should be noted, is getting heat from conservatives over his answer to the same questions from Couric.)

We just can’t stop thinking how great it would have been, though, if instead of trying to muse upon the issue of federalism, she had just said: “They shouldn’t have encouraged that Anna Nicole Smith!”

Palin, Biden Trade Views Over Abortion [CBS News]