Schnabel Lowers Price of Palazzo Chupi

This is the "How Do You Like Me Now,
Moose!?" face.
Photo: Brown Harris Stevens

Amid the otherwise sobering economic news, into this dark hour of our national life comes a ray of sun that gives us the courage to go on believing that this is, indeed, the Greatest Depression: Julian Schnabel has cut the price on the triplex in his pink and glorious Palazzo Chupi compound in the West Village by $5.5 million, bringing the asking price to a relatively modest $24 million (it was originally listed at $32 million, before he lowered it in July). Our hearts soared when we read the news in this morning’s Post; if things keep going at this rate, we may one day be able to afford it! Or, at the very least, we may one day end up charging the wooden gates and squatting among the imported emerald tiles as the Revolution rages outside. Either way.