Spotted: Vanessa, Actually AT Whole Foods

Coach! Photo: Courtesy of the CW

A member of the Intel-igentsia tipped us off to a Gawker Stalker sighting of Jessica Szohr, a.k.a. Vanessa from Gossip Girl, at Whole Foods. “Jessica was shopping and appearing oddly normal. Asked me if I knew where the hummus was. Really chill and naturally beautiful.” Naturally, we don’t have to tell YOU that it is indeed “odd” that Szohr would be shopping at Whole Foods a mere two days after Blair asked Vanessa the already-iconic question: “Shouldn’t you be at Whole Foods?” Is this mere coincidence? Or guerrilla marketing? We suspect the latter. After all, who has to ask where the hummus is? It’s Whole Foods! It’s everywhere. [Gawker]