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Stephon Marbury’s New Outlook on Life Affecting His Trash-Talking

Marbury, in his totally unimportant role as a professional basketball player. Photo: Getty Images

We already knew that Stephon Marbury has a new outlook on life. After all, you can’t watch a presidential debate from a homeless shelter on the Bowery and not get to thinking about the world. “It’s just a game,” he said of basketball that night. “There’s more to life.” And apparently, he wasn’t just caught up in the moment.

Last night, after Marbury started for the first time this preseason, he exchanged some words with the Celtics’ Eddie House — and got all philosophical. According to the Times (your source for basketball trash-talk transcripts), things started out plainly enough for Marbury. “You’re a bum,” he shouted. But then, he got deep: “You’re nothing! You’re caught up in basketball. Get caught up in life.” Oh, snap! That’s right, Eddie House, you’re failing at life. Might as well take that championship ring and throw it into the Charles. We just hope Marbury keeps this motto in mind when he’s getting reduced minutes this year as history’s highest-paid sixth man.

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Stephon Marbury’s New Outlook on Life Affecting His Trash-Talking