The Chuck Bass ‘Womanizer’ Ad


So this has actually been out for a few days now, but many of you have mentioned how much you loved the Chuck Bass “Womanizer” ad from last night’s episode of Gossip Girl. Set to Britney Spears’s new song (which we kind of like), it’s basically a montage of all of Chuck Bass’s distilled lasciviousness. It, and Blair’s arch bitchiness, have become the show’s two most iconic memes.

Which actually brings us to something we’ve been meaning to point out. We’ve met Ed Westwick and he’s a nice guy, who is best friends and roommates with a super nice guy, Chace Crawford. But lately he’s been putting on Chuck’s persona in real life. He’s now cold to reporters, he’s stopped smiling in photos like he used to, he’s always spotted around bars hitting on women, and he’s even using celebrities to further his lothario reputation. (If real life were as similar to Cruel Intentions as Gossip Girl is, Drew would clearly be the Reese Witherspoon character here.) This trend worries us, because it’s one thing to have Ed turn into Chuck, or to have Penn Badgley continue to sort of be the exact same person as Dan. But what if friendly Leighton Meester turned into Blair?

Oh, who are we kidding, that would be the best thing that could ever happen.