Ne-Yo on Throwing Up Out of Jay-Z’s Maybach

"That one time was fine, but if you drop a dookie in my pool I will end you." Photo: Getty Images

Hennessy, the cognac-maker whose initial is the “H” in luxury conglomerate LVMH, has been a staunch supporter of music over the years, and 2008 marked the company’s third artistry concert series. Ne-Yo curated the series “with both class and urban style,” the press materials stated at last night’s finale at Gotham Hall. Before his performance, the R&B artist told us about that one time he exuded class at his first meeting with Jay-Z, three years ago. “I got really, really drunk and threw up outside the window of Jay-Z’s car,” Ne-Yo said. “It’s the first time I ever went out with Jay-Z and Diddy, and they got me very, very drunk,” he said. “My first time riding in a Maybach, mind you, I’m throwing up out the window. It was kind of bad.” Jay-Z handled the situation with aplomb. “He just made sure I didn’t throw up in his car, and called me the next morning to see if I was all right,” Ne-Yo recalled. “And he told me he almost sent me a cleaning bill.”