Things to Say to Jews Who Ask If You’re Jewish


Being of some Mediterranean blood and having a profile that suggests it, we ourselves historically have been asked this time of year on the street by Orthodox Jews if we are Jewish (because they want to help other Jews with their Jewish-holiday prayers). This always amuses us, partly because when Christian-fundamentalist types approach us, we tell them we are gay Jews, and only half of that is true. So we appreciated this thread in which various Brooklyners, Jewish and non, talk about how they deal with this question when asked. “I’m seriously thinking about getting a hat made … that says ‘no im not fucking jewish.’” A cyclist: “One dude sort [of] jumped right in my path, ‘excuse me, sir!’ and I was like ‘dude, i am climbing a hill right now!’” And our favorite anecdote, from a guy jogging through Central Park: “Sure enough one of them asks me, ‘Excuse me, are you Jewish?’ and before I can even say anything one of his friends looks at the questioneer with disdain and says, ‘C’mon [name], really? He’s running.’” [Brooklynian]