This Halloween, Stay Safe, Stay Drunk, and Stay Puft

Reverend Wright Photo: istolethetv's Flickr

It’s that time of year again! That time when delis begin selling pumpkins, Duane Reade becomes carpeted with heaps of discarded costumes in plastic bags, and legions of girls start psyching themselves up to wear skimpy nurse costumes in 37-degree weather. But best of all, it’s the time of year for costumed-puppy parades! This weekend saw the first handful, and Flickr user istolethetv snapped some priceless pics from Carl Schurz Park. Above, a bulldog who probably was hoping for the most harmless costume. Something he loved from his childhood. Something that could never ever possibly destroy him!

Aw, now come on. Is there anything cuter than that? No, seriously, name one thing.

Halloween Dogs 2008 [Flickr]