Warren Buffett: The Economy ‘Like a Great Athlete That’s Had a Heart Attack’

He's a billionaire for a reason. Photo: Getty Images

You’ve had an economy that’s like a great athlete that’s had a heart attack, cardiac arrest, and the paramedics that have come, [and are] arguing [about] who was at fault, the athlete should have been checking his blood pressure more carefully. The important thing is to apply the resuscitator. It doesn’t help spending time worrying about who is to blame for the patient having the heart attack.” —Warren Buffett, criticizing Congress for not acting sooner on a bailout, on CNBC yesterday. (Of course, when someone’s knocked out like that, it’s a great time to go through their pockets:The Berkshire Hathaway founder made a $3 billion investment in GE yesterday.) [Warren Buffett Watch/CNBC]