Who Wants to Talk About Sex With Bonnie Fuller?


Yesterday we were forwarded a funny e-mail sent out by a friend of Bonnie Fuller, who "stepped down" from her American Media Star in the spring and is currently blogging for the New York Times … so respectable! But she still has those genius prurient nosy instincts:

[Bonnie] would like to know if people are having more sex or less sex due to the recession," goes the e-mail. "She has been hearing a lot of buzz on how people are having more sex because they [are] staying in more and cutting back on frivolous spending … True/Not True/Thoughts? Let me know if anyone is interested in commenting and I will cc you in an email with her and you can run with it … She's
looking for single or married people to comment."

Bonnie, have we got the guy for you. Try Comfortably.smug@gmail.com. Run with it. You won't be disappointed.

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