Who Will ‘Gossip Girl’ Off?

"You give 'gov' a bad name." Photo: Photo-illustration: Getty Images, Courtesy of CW, istockphoto

Big Gay Richard over at Gawker passes on the bad news that a “major Gossip Girl character” will perish in an upcoming episode. We’re not quite sure we believe it, but according to his unscientific poll, most people think it’s going to be Bart Bass. (We’d assume it was too early in the show’s life cycle to kill off any of the seven beloved centerpieces — that’s like fourth-season One Tree Hill shit — but the pace at which each episode moves means anything is possible.) Now, as addicted as we are to the Greatest Show of Our Time, we haven’t actually read all of the novels that predated the television series. (We just read the first one — sorry, Cec!) But! We know many of you readers did. Can you help us out? Do any of the characters in the books meet an early, perhaps stiletto-related demise? Tell us in the comments.

Major Gossip Girl Character to Perish [Gawker]