Williamsburg, Land of the Lushly Rich and Humbly Cautious

The clock as of September 18. Photo: williamsburgedge.com

Two fabulous polarities come out of Williamsburg today. On one end, the hood’s most expensive residential sale ever was announced today — a $5.145 million duplex penthouse in massive new condo complex The Edge, with six bedrooms and baths, two roof decks, and two balconies. And on the other end, Northside Piers and the Decora are adapting to the new, not-so-confident market by letting people rent-to-own. If you decide to buy in six months, all of your paid rent will go toward the down payment, but if you wait six to nine months, only half will. So don’t get too comfy with your indecision. And don’t think you’ll end-run a mortgage prequalification this way, either. You’ll still need it. Well, given all that, we’ll just take the $5 million condo. [Brownstoner, Real Deal]