Would LeBron Stay in Cleveland to Get Obama Elected?


It’s been quiet on the LeBron James–to–New York front lately (unless you count the Cavs’ owner desperately insisting that it’s an insult to the very city of Cleveland to speculate that he’d ever want to leave). But James himself has now thrown some wood on the staying-in-Cleveland fire, during a speech at a Barack Obama voter-registration rally. After talking a little about change and the importance of voting, James ended an otherwise dull speech by appealing to the crowd’s true priority: “I love Ohio, and I ain’t going nowhere.”

Could LeBron want Obama to be elected so badly that he’d actually (gasp!) pledge to stay in Cleveland to make it happen? Is this just another empty campaign-season promise? If Hillary was the nominee, would that have improved the Knicks’ or Nets’ chances of landing him in 2010? (And if so, how do we go about starting a write-in campaign?) We’re not too worried, though. If you’re reading this in Ohio, don’t believe these empty lies. If James is really so concerned about change, we know exactly where he’ll sign. LeBron as a Knick: Now that’s change we can believe in.

I Love Ohio and I Ain’t Going Nowhere [And One/Cleveland.com]