You Should Know: Even ‘Funky’ Landlords Will Evict You


Don’t get too comfortable, arty renters. You’ve likely heard about the not-very-arty real-estate-tycoon couple in the East Village who are trying to evict a whole building of rent-stabilized tenants to create their own mansion. Well, something similar is happening in Prospect Heights, except this time the couple in question are, respectively, the New York correspondent for Vogue Australia and an estimator for a global construction firm with a arty-sounding name (Structure Tone). And they’re trying to kick out a rent-stabilized tenant who pays about $402 a month so they can make a bike-and-stroller closet out of the apartment. The takeaway? Your landlord’s chunky glasses by no means indicate they “get you” and your rickety little life, so just think about that. [VV via Curbed]