Blake Lively: Playing Bulimic Beauty Queen Was ‘the Healthiest I’ve Ever Been’

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Gossip Girl star Blake Lively had to lose “serious” weight for the movie Elvis and Annabelle, she tells W. “I play a beauty queen who died of bulimia,” she says, so she couldn’t very well be flouncing around screen with those ginormous, gyrating girls of hers. “But beauty queens are still very toned,” she assures readers in the December issue. “So I lost weight, but I got toned. It was the healthiest I’ve ever been!”

Oh dear. And we thought Blair throwing up an entire pie was going to screw up teenagers.

Elsewhere in the W profile, the young actress discusses her academic aspirations. She says wanted to go to Stanford before she came to film the show on the East Coast, a move she claims she only agreed to because producers promised she could attend Columbia one day a week. But producers Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz laughed that off:

I think the real carrot for Blake was the opportunity for clothing,” Schwartz says, chuckling. “I remember talking to her about that. She was like, ‘Wait, so you’re asking me to move to New York and wear the most incredible clothes, some of which you might actually let me keep?’ So I think the wardrobe-reinvention carrot was stronger than the college-degree carrot.”

We have faith in Blake, though. We see her enrolling in Columbia within the year. She can have both carrots! It’s the healthy bulimic thing to do.

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Blake Lively: Playing Bulimic Beauty Queen Was ‘the Healthiest I’ve Ever Been’