Shields Is Optimistic About Lipstick Jungle

See, she's smiling! Photo: Getty Images

The recession might affect the future of Lipstick Jungle … in a good way! At least that’s what Brooke Shields is hoping. Last night at Cipriani 42nd Street, Shields seemed uncertain about the future of the Candace Bushnell–inspired ladydrama, which NBC recently moved to the dread Friday-night time slot. “They seem to think it’s a better place for us,” she said. Did she? “I think so?” she tittered nervously. “You know, people get very nervous when they see a show that switched nights. For us, it’s a positive thing. Especially with the economy — more people are inclined to stay home on a Friday night or watch television live. Or moms are more likely to stay up and watch a 10 o’clock show if they don’t really have to get up with the kids. Well, kids don’t sleep on the weekends, either. But at least they don’t have to rush to get them to school. So I think that that’s … there is that audience.” Anyway, she hastened to add, the low ratings were not indicative of the popularity of the program. “We have a huge audience; it’s just that people aren’t watching it live. People are DVRing it and watching it, but those numbers don’t mean as much to networks, because advertisers aren’t as interested in shows where you’re gonna fast-forward through the advertising … I’ve never really been in that position before.” She hesitated. “I think that — I definitely think we could improve, you know, writing-wise and quality-wise, but that’s where our hands are so often tied. So, you know. But it’s so much fun to do. I would hate to see it go away. I’m just loving it so much.”