Shields and Raver on Lipstick Jungle’s Future

Photo: Getty Images

At the Kidsfest event on Sunday afternoon, Lipstick Jungle’s Kim Raver and Brooke Shields denied last week’s reports that NBC is pressing the cancel button on their show, but it was unclear whether they were just in a state of denial about the news themselves. “We’re still working,” said Shields. “We still have more to do, so it’s erroneously presented that we’ve been canceled, thank God.” (As she told us last week, Brooke really loves working on the show, despite its terrible writing.) “Our bosses are saying, ‘You’re not canceled, don’t worry. We’re just trying to figure out how to make this make sense.’” Kim Raver noted that online petitions to save the show and fans sending lipsticks to NBC CEO Jeff Zucker were having an effect. “Hopefully, it will kind of become like Friday Night Lights or Jericho where they sent those peanuts in.” She said that today there would be “emergency meetings” to hash out the details. “I’m really optimistic,” said Shields. “I haven’t lost any sleep yet.” But even amid the event’s delirious toddlers, Marc Jacobs–clad West Village mummies, and kiddie-rock soundtrack, her optimism seemed to falter when asked about her wish for the holidays. “My wish is that we get another order for next year,” she said wistfully, “once you get past all the altruistic wishes that you’re supposed to have.”