Brooklyn ‘Real World’: Everything Has Changed


Until now, you knew what MTV’s Real World was about: young, hot, white heterosexuals (plus one gay, one black, and maybe an Asian or Latin chick) living in a house with a Koi pond, having a pretend job, creating pretend drama, and getting naked in a hot tub and constantly surrounded by bright colors and alcohol. NOT THIS TIME. Having arrived in Brooklyn, everything has changed for the sixteen-year-old show. Gawker uncovered the trailer, which shows a girl who may have been born as a guy, an Iraq vet who may have killed people in the line of duty, a seemingly closeted dude who turns out not to be gay, stories of violent parental abuse, and black-and-white cinematography.

Just kidding — it’s all the same, despite the trailer. Abs, anger, and artificial drama. But you should watch anyway, because MTV made a valiant effort .

Real World Brooklyn Trailer: Now With More Crying! [Gawker]