Chris Matthews Forecasts a Sleek, ‘Zesty’ Obama Administration

In Wasilla, 2004. Photo: Getty Images

Chris Matthews, whose penchant for language of the florid variety has been well-documented, apparently actually morphed into André Leon Talley last week when talking to BlackBook about what an Obama administration would be like: “‘Think of the Kennedys,’ Mr. Matthews said, ‘A mixed administration. Pragmatic. Some liberal tendencies, not overwhelming. Very tough. Very smart. Thin ties — are you looking at this?’ he said, folding his black silk tie in half. ‘Well-turned-out men. No sloppiness. Just work … It will be zesty.’” He went on to add that he’s seeing a jewel-toned palette for the inauguration, dominated by Bordeaux, titanium, and cerulean. [BlackBook]