Dog Drives Car!

Arthur Sulzberger IIPhoto: Courtesy

In perhaps the most adorable car-crashes-into-coffee-shop account of all time, today the Daily News tells us of Bentley, the 50-pound mutt who put his owner’s van in gear and briefly drove it last night. The joyride ended when the car rammed into a coffee shop where Bentley’s owner, Bryan Maher, had popped in for a moment. He’d left the van idling so that the pooch could stay warm. Luckily, nobody (including the dog) was harmed, or even mad, and everyone thought it was so funny that they totally posed Bentley for a picture in the driver’s seat for the tabloid. But we have to say we feel a little wounded — the News could only come up with puns about “the barkway,” the “barking space,” and the “ruff ride.” Come on! This stuff is tabloid gold! What about the “tail-lights,” the “lick shift,” the “meatbelt,” the “barking brake,” or the the “jowls of life”??

Dog takes car for run and crashes into L.I. shop [NYDN]