Ashley Dupré As You’ve Never Seen Her: With Soft Lighting


Just in case you failed to plaster your fridge and television with hot-pink Post-It notes about Ashley Dupré’s 20/20 interview, a reminder: It’s tonight! ABC News has thoughtfully given us a preview of her coffee klatch with Diane Sawyer, and though we’ve already heard some details in advance, it’s still worth watching, if only to hear her talk. Just to listen as her actual voice wraps itself around such insights as “I didn’t know the depth to my situation.” Grammar issues aside, we have to admit: She doesn’t sound, like, you know, like a total, um, like, idiot, as do so many humble folks who suddenly find themselves in the spotlight. (Is that some media training we smell underneath your Clinique Happy?) And we’re just going to say it: She’s got a surprisingly soft, sweet little voice — even if she’s the Jersey-est of Jersey girls, we can see her gentle hooker appeal. Watch and fall in love all over again.

Ashley Dupré Opens Up to Diane Sawyer [ABC News]