East Village Landlord to Tenants: I’ll Give You Profits If I’m Lying

47 East 3rd Street Photo: Economakis.com

Today brings round 6,589 of the Tenant-Landlord Battle Royale of the 21st Century, when real-estate mogul Alistair Economakis faces off in court once again against the hold-out tenants at his 47 East 3rd Street building. He’s been trying to evacuate the rent-stabilized tenants for a few years now to convert the building into his own private mansion, which he’s technically allowed to do. Except the tenants believe he really wants to take the building market-rate or condo, and they’ve raised a quarter-mil to fight him legally. Now he says he’ll give tenants the profits if indeed he rents or sells after they leave. Will we all grow old and die before this ends? Possibly. [NYP]