Fiesty Ted Turner Gleefully Bashes Time Warner in Its Own Building

Photo: WireImage

This morning at the Time/Life building, CNN founder Ted Turner took every opportunity to blast the management of his former company during an interview with a Time writer about his new autobiography, relaying, among other things, a story about how Gerald Levin had tried to forestall his resignation by offering him $1 million a year at a time when the company was laying off workers. “I told him, ‘You take your million dollars and shove it up your ass,’” he said. Guffaw! The mogul turned farmer also made use of his platform to defend groundhogs prairie dogs* against those who allege they are a danger to cows, which supposedly sometimes stumble into their burrow holes. “Cows don’t fall in the holes. That’s a bunch of beans.” Yeah. What? *Sayeth Bercovici: “I mistakenly said groundhogs when I meant prairie dogs. Sorry.” City slicker. [Mixed Media/Portfolio]