Fox’s ‘Shame Shame Shame’ of Richard Fuld Is Pretty Shameful

Left: Alex and Cynthia Rodriguez with their daughters (both of whom have the middle name Alexander — wtf?) in Miami Tuesday night. Right, Madonna, Ingrid Casares, and Guy Oseary in 2005. Photo: Fox

The irony of Fox’s “Shame, Shame, Shame” videos, in which they ambush “people who are involved in potentially shady dealings” and attempt to shame them, is that they usually just make you end up feeling sorry for the subjects and ashamed for Fox. Take this video in which Fox’s Arnold Diaz rolls up in front of Richard Fuld’s Greenwich mansion in a leather trench coat and demands “answers” about the collapse of Lehman Brothers from Fuld’s concerned-looking butler, who eventually calls the cops. “You’re on private property,” the cop says. “I know,” Diaz replies meekly. Thus defeated, he is forced to round up a bunch of Lehman employees with all of the credibility of car-accident whiplash victims to tell him about how Fuld ruined their lives and, more important, how he should fix it: “I don’t know how he could go on national TV and say he’s all broken up about his employees when he knows he could write one simple check and fix all of us that were laid off, in one simple motion,” one woman says. “You know. One of his bonuses could cover us. Half of one of his bonuses could cover us. It’s outrageous.” Yeah. Could it be that this lady is having trouble getting re-employed in finance because she doesn’t understand capitalism?

Shame, Shame, Shame: Richard Fuld [Fox]