Georgina Bloomberg Gets Embarrassing Photo Revenge on Dad


Last week we marveled at the gall of professional equestrienne Georgina Bloomberg for talking about how totally not rich she is. This weekend, she was profiled in Page Six Magazine and earned back our love, mostly because she dished about her dad, Mayor Mike. Her parents' divorce was "the best thing that ever happened," she said, because it allowed her parents to be friends again. And also, she reveals, Hizzoner has a much smaller ego now that he's in office. From the story:

"When he was just a businessman, he was pretty egotistical. People were telling him how great he was every day. Politics has humbled him. Now he seems to really want to hear what I have to say, and I wouldn't have said that a few years ago — but I've also become less of a brat."

Georgina also provided some adorable pictures from her childhood for, including several of the mayor in the mid-eighties, like the one above. This, quite frankly, seems like proof the mayor is able to laugh at himself these days. Otherwise he would have definitely destroyed all pictures of him looking like Gene Hackman in the Poseidon Adventure years ago.

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