photo op

Happy Veterans Day, Everyone!

Photo: AP

Today isn’t just a day for veterans and their families and friends to look back on their times at war — it’s a day for all Americans to salute those in the military who have protected our freedom and the freedom of other nations for over 200 years. We’ve always thought it was sad that the United States doesn’t have a symbol for our Veterans Day the way the British do for Remembrance Day (a red poppy pinned to the lapel). It’s all too easy to let it slip by without recognition, since it often isn’t a bank work holiday — which is especially shameful as America is churning out more and more brave disabled veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan every month.

That’s why, when we saw this picture on the news today, over and over on a couple of channels, we weren’t annoyed. Sure, it’s a squirrel in Nebraska waving a miniature American flag, and yes, in other pictures it’s actually eating the flag. But if it makes more people take a moment to think about our veterans, that’s okay by us.

Except if that flag touches the ground. Then we’ve got some serious problems.

Happy Veterans Day, Everyone!